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Join the fight to protect your right to enjoy premium cigars, and add your voice to the thousands of other CRA members committed to fighting unfair smoking bans and unjustified tax increases.

CRA is the only consumer-driven organization committed to protecting your right to enjoy premium cigars. A grassroots advocacy organization, we work to preserve your freedom at the local, state, and federal level by focusing on four core areas:

  • Opposing restrictive smoking bans
  • Opposing taxation of cigars
  • Fighting government regulation of cigars
  • Supporting policy measures relating to cigars.

Membership in CRA supports our lobbying efforts and provides key benefits to individuals, retailers, and business owners.

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Tobacconists and Lounge Owners
CRA has specifically tailored its
Great American Cigar Shop™ program to meet your business needs.
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Business Owners
CRA knows anti-tobacco legislation can threaten the business you have worked hard to establish.
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