A Sneaky Way to Enact a Statewide Smoking ban in Texas
Legislator Successful in Attaching Bill to the Budget. It has to be stopped in the Senate. Now.

By J. Glynn Loope, Executive Director
Cigar Rights of America

The chances for defeating a statewide smoking ban in Texas was looking fairly good for awhile. House of Representatives members Myra Crownover, John Zerwas, Jim Pitts and John Otto are serving as the principle authors of a comprehensive workplace smoking ban for the Lone Star State, and it carries 72 co-patrons. Still, matters were looking good for our side.

Now, Representative Crownover has been successful in attaching her bill to the House Budget, under the guise of the purported health care savings as a result of having a smoking ban (Read More). That, is a serious stretch, but now it's off to a House-Senate Conference Committee, and we need a set of Senators to vote for liberty in Texas.

The opportunity to defeat this regressive measure lies with these Texas Senators, with the potential to have an appeal to the Governor and Lieutenant Governor:

Please contact the Senators noted above and notify your individual Senator to voice your opposition to a statewide smoking ban in Texas!

It's important for every Texas CRA member to be involved in this process, voice your opposition to any statewide smoking ban, much less one linked to the state budget.

The legislature could learn a few things from Galveston and Conroe , Texas which quickly either repealed or amended their respective smoking bans, due to the adverse economic impact in the community.

2011 presents a great opportunity to defeat statewide smoking ban proposals in Kentucky , South Carolina , Mississippi , Indiana , Louisiana , and Alabama . Let's help Texas protect property rights and individual freedom.

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