California Smoking Ban Expansion Proposal Defeated in Assembly Committee
**The Opposition Will Be Back, but This Victory Sends a Message to the Nation**

By all appearances, one of the worst smoking ban expansion proposals in the nation has been defeated.

There are reports of the California Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization, which has purview over tobacco legislation, defeating SB 575 for the year. The bill would have closed all existing exemptions to the state's already restrictive anti-smoking measures.

In a concerted effort by Cigar Rights of America, the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association and Cigar Association of America the legislation, though amended in the California Senate to exempt cigar shops and private clubs, would have set a horrid national precedent that would most assuredly have spread to other parts of the nation.

The Cigar Rights of America national membership provided over 33,000 contact impressions via its new online petition system as the SB 575 was heard in the Senate and then Assembly committees. The petitions seek to grow the impact of the cigar enthusiast voice in local, state and federal affairs on legislation affecting our passion for a great cigar. This victory sends a message to not only California, but the country.

However, it is California. The opposition will be back, and CRA will continue to diligently monitor the state legislature for any attempt to revisit this issue - and they will.

CRA would like to thank all of its members that signed the online petition, and contributed to this victory for the cause.

Brian Berman, Director of Membership

Glynn Loope, Executive Director

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