Senator Mary Landrieu, D-Louisiana

S. 1461 Gains Critical Support from a Member of the United States Senate

A key member of the United States Senate has joined as a co-sponsor to S. 1461, which is the companion legislation to H.R. 1639 that would exempt premium/traditional cigars from FDA regulations.

Senator Mary Landrieu, D-Louisiana, has agreed to serve as a co-sponsor to S. 1461. Senator Landrieu serves as Chair of the U.S. Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee, and also serves on the Senate Committee on Appropriations, Committee on Energy & Natural Resources, and Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs.

Senator Landrieu's support for S. 1461 comes at a critical juncture for the legislation, as now we need for all CRA members to be contacting the office of their members of the US Senate, asking that they too, serve as a co-sponsor on S. 1461.

In October, CRA delivered a letter to Senator Landrieu's office on behalf of the Louisiana Independent Tobacconist's Association, which spoke on behalf of over two dozen premium tobacconists in Louisiana.

Sarah Betz, President of the Louisiana Independent Tobacconist's Association stated, “We truly appreciate Senator Landrieu for agreeing to co-sponsor S. 1461, and for her support of our small businesses in Louisiana and throughout the nation. We encourage other members of the Senate to follow her example, and also agree to co-sponsor this critical piece of legislation that will work to protect over 85,000 American jobs.”

New Co-Sponsors in the House of Representatives – 126 (and counting...) on H.R. 1639

We welcome Representatives: Christopher Gibson of New York ; Michael McCaul of Texas; Tim Scott of South Carolina; Mark Critz of Pennsylvania; Joe Baca of California; and Chip Cravaack of Minnesota, as new co-sponsors.

If your member is not on the list, call them and ask why! (Locate Your Member)

“Operation Cigar Liberty” is Working!

“Operation Cigar Liberty” that CRA launched a few months ago has resulted in over 113,000 emails and calls to members of the US House of Representatives and US Senate. It's never been done before in cigar political history.

Please keep the pressure on, as Cigar Rights of America will be back in Washington, DC in each of the coming weeks with members of the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association, in our collective effort to ward off the heavy hand of the federal government from the simple pleasure of a great cigar.

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